[2023] What Brands Were Surfing in 2000? A Look Back at the Iconic Surf Brands of the New Millennium

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As the new millennium rolled in, surf culture was thriving and the surf industry was booming. Surfers were exploring new horizons, pushing the boundaries of the sport, and riding the wave of innovation. In this article, we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to explore the iconic surf brands that were making waves in the year 2000.

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In 2000, some of the most popular surf brands that were making a splash in the industry included:

  • Billabong: A household name in the surfing world, Billabong offered a wide range of surf apparel and accessories.
  • Quiksilver: Known for its innovative designs and high-performance gear, Quiksilver was a go-to brand for surfers.
  • Roxy: A women's surf brand under the Quiksilver umbrella, Roxy catered to female surfers with stylish and functional products.
  • Rip Curl: Offering a diverse range of surf products, Rip Curl was known for its wetsuits and surf watches.
  • O'Neill: A pioneer in wetsuit technology, O'Neill was a trusted brand for surfers looking for quality gear.
  • Hurley: Founded by legendary surfer Bob Hurley, Hurley stood out with its unique designs and commitment to innovation.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, as there were many other notable surf brands during this time.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • The surf industry experienced significant growth in the early 2000s, with surf brands expanding their product lines and reaching a global audience.
  • Surfers in 2000 were drawn to brands that offered a combination of style, functionality, and durability.
  • The year 2000 marked the beginning of a new era in surfing, with surf brands embracing technology and pushing the boundaries of design.


In the year 2000, the surf industry was at an exciting crossroads. Surf brands were capitalizing on the growing popularity of the sport and expanding their offerings to cater to the needs of surfers worldwide. Let's take a closer look at some of the iconic surf brands of the time:


Founded in 1973, Billabong had already established itself as a prominent surf brand by the year 2000. Known for its stylish designs and high-quality products, Billabong offered a wide range of surf apparel, including boardshorts, wetsuits, and accessories. The brand had a strong presence in the surfing community and sponsored top professional surfers. Shop Billabong on Amazon


Quiksilver was another major player in the surf industry in 2000. The brand was known for its innovative designs and high-performance gear. From boardshorts to wetsuits, Quiksilver offered a wide range of products that catered to surfers of all levels. Quiksilver also sponsored professional surfers and hosted major surfing events. Shop Quiksilver on Amazon


Roxy, a women's surf brand under the Quiksilver umbrella, gained popularity in the early 2000s. With its stylish and functional surf apparel, Roxy captured the hearts of female surfers worldwide. The brand offered a range of products, including swimsuits, boardshorts, and accessories, designed specifically for women. Shop Roxy on Amazon

Rip Curl

Rip Curl, a renowned surf brand founded in Australia, was a favorite among surfers in 2000. The brand was known for its high-quality wetsuits, surf watches, and other surf accessories. Rip Curl sponsored top athletes and hosted prestigious surfing competitions around the world. Shop Rip Curl on Amazon


O'Neill, a pioneer in wetsuit technology, was a trusted brand among surfers in 2000. With its commitment to innovation and quality, O'Neill offered wetsuits that provided warmth and flexibility in the water. The brand also expanded its product line to include surf apparel and accessories. Shop O'Neill on Amazon


Founded by legendary surfer Bob Hurley, Hurley made a name for itself with its unique designs and focus on innovation. The brand offered a range of surf apparel, including boardshorts, t-shirts, and accessories. Hurley's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality resonated with surfers in 2000. Shop Hurley on Amazon


In the year 2000, the surf industry recognized the achievements of surf brands and athletes through various awards. While specific awards may vary from year to year, here are some notable awards that were given out during this time:

  • Surfer Poll: The Surfer Poll is an annual award ceremony organized by Surfer Magazine. It recognizes the top male and female surfers, as well as the best surf films and performances of the year.
  • Waterman of the Year: The Waterman of the Year award is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport of surfing and water sports.
  • Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) Awards: The SIMA Awards honor brands and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the surf industry in various categories, including product innovation, marketing, and environmental sustainability.


Surf brands in 2000 sponsored professional surfers and supported surf teams. These teams consisted of talented athletes who represented the brands in competitions and helped promote their products. Here are some of the notable surf teams of the time:

  • Billabong Team: Billabong sponsored a team of top surfers, including Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, and Joel Parkinson.
  • Quiksilver Team: Quiksilver had a strong team that included legendary surfers such as Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and Jeremy Flores.
  • Roxy Team: Roxy supported a talented group of female surfers, including Lisa Andersen, Sofia Mulanovich, and Chelsea Hedges.
  • Rip Curl Team: Rip Curl sponsored renowned surfers such as Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, and Tyler Wright.
  • O'Neill Team: O'Neill had a team of surfers that included Shane Dorian, Jordy Smith, and Timmy Reyes.
  • Hurley Team: Hurley supported a diverse group of surfers, including Rob Machado, Carissa Moore, and Yadin Nicol.

These surf teams played a crucial role in promoting the brands and showcasing their products through their performances in competitions and surf films.


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What brands are surf vintage?

Surf vintage refers to surf brands and products that have a nostalgic appeal and represent the heritage of surfing. Some popular surf vintage brands include:

  • Lightning Bolt: Known for its iconic bolt logo, Lightning Bolt was a prominent surf brand in the 1970s and continues to have a cult following today.
  • Gordon & Smith: Gordon & Smith, also known as G&S, was a well-respected surf brand in the 1960s and 1970s, known for its quality surfboards and apparel.
  • Hobie: Hobie is a legendary surf brand that has been around since the early days of surfing. It is known for its innovative surfboard designs and classic surf apparel.
  • Gotcha: Gotcha was a popular surf brand in the 1980s and 1990s, known for its bold and colorful designs. The brand captured the spirit of the times and resonated with surfers around the world.

Note: Availability of vintage surf brands and products may vary, but you can often find vintage surf apparel and accessories on online marketplaces and vintage clothing stores.

Are surf brands from 2000 still relevant today?

Yes, many surf brands that were popular in 2000 continue to be relevant in the surfing world today. Brands like Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Rip Curl, O'Neill, and Hurley have stood the test of time and remain prominent players in the surf industry. These brands have continued to innovate, adapt to changing trends, and build strong connections with surfers worldwide.

While new surf brands have emerged over the years, the iconic brands from 2000 still hold a special place in the hearts of surfers and continue to shape the surf culture.


In the year 2000, surf culture was thriving, and surf brands were at the forefront of innovation and style. Brands like Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy, Rip Curl, O'Neill, and Hurley were making waves in the industry with their quality products and commitment to the sport.

Whether you're a nostalgic surfer looking to relive the glory days or a newcomer to the sport, these iconic surf brands from 2000 continue to offer a wide range of surf apparel, accessories, and equipment. Their rich history, innovative designs, and dedication to the surfing lifestyle make them a reliable choice for surfers of all levels.

So grab your board, catch the next wave, and ride the legacy of these iconic surf brands that were surfing in 2000!

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