[2023] What Surf Company Starts with O? Unveiling the Mystery of O’Neill

Are you curious to know which surf company starts with the letter O? Well, you’re in luck! Our team at Surf Brands™ has done the research and we’re here to reveal the answer. So, grab your board and get ready to dive into the world of O’Neill, a legendary surf brand that has been making waves since 1952.

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Quick Answer

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O’Neill is the surf company that starts with the letter O. Founded in 1952, O’Neill has become a renowned brand in the surfing world, offering a wide range of surfwear, wetsuits, and accessories. With a commitment to innovation and quality, O’Neill has made a lasting impact on the surf industry.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • O’Neill is a surf company that was founded in 1952.
  • The brand is known for its high-quality surfwear, wetsuits, and accessories.
  • O’Neill has a strong commitment to innovation and has introduced many groundbreaking technologies in the surf industry.
  • The company has a rich history and has played a significant role in the development of modern surfing.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the world of O’Neill and explore some interesting facts and details about this iconic surf brand.

Where is O’Neill made?

O’Neill products are manufactured in various locations around the world. The company has production facilities in countries such as the United States, Thailand, China, and Mexico. O’Neill ensures that its products are made to the highest standards of quality and performance, regardless of where they are produced.

What is O’Neill since 1952?

Since its founding in 1952, O’Neill has established itself as a leading surf brand, known for its innovative products and commitment to the surfing community. The company was founded by Jack O’Neill, a passionate surfer and inventor. Jack’s love for the ocean and desire to create functional surf equipment led him to develop the world’s first neoprene wetsuit, revolutionizing the surfing experience.

O’Neill has continued to push the boundaries of surfwear and wetsuit technology, introducing groundbreaking innovations such as the Superfreak wetsuit, TechnoButter neoprene, and Firewall insulation. These advancements have greatly enhanced comfort, flexibility, and warmth for surfers around the world.

Who founded O’Neill?

O’Neill was founded by Jack O’Neill, a legendary figure in the surfing world. Jack was born in Denver, Colorado, but his love for the ocean drew him to the California coast. In the early 1950s, Jack began experimenting with different materials to create a wetsuit that would keep him warm in the cold waters of Northern California. His determination and innovative spirit led to the invention of the neoprene wetsuit, which revolutionized the sport of surfing.

Jack O’Neill’s legacy lives on in the brand he created. Today, O’Neill is a global surf company that continues to honor Jack’s vision of providing surfers with high-quality products that enhance their experience in the water.


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Is O’Neill a good surf brand?

Absolutely! O’Neill is widely regarded as one of the top surf brands in the world. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, O’Neill has earned the trust and respect of surfers around the globe. The brand’s high-quality surfwear, wetsuits, and accessories are designed to meet the needs of both professional and recreational surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, O’Neill products are sure to enhance your time in the water.

Does O’Neill make wetsuits?

Yes, wetsuits are one of O’Neill’s specialties. In fact, the brand is known for pioneering the neoprene wetsuit, which revolutionized the surfing industry. O’Neill offers a wide range of wetsuits for men, women, and children, designed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and warmth in various water conditions. From full suits to spring suits and rash guards, O’Neill has you covered for all your wetsuit needs.

What other products does O’Neill offer?

In addition to wetsuits, O’Neill offers a diverse range of surfwear and accessories. From boardshorts and bikinis to hoodies and hats, O’Neill has everything you need to look stylish both in and out of the water. The brand also offers a selection of surfboards, leashes, fins, and other surf accessories to complete your setup. O’Neill’s products are known for their high-quality materials, durability, and performance.


In conclusion, O’Neill is the surf company that starts with the letter O, and it has certainly made a name for itself in the surfing world. With a rich history, innovative products, and a commitment to the surfing community, O’Neill continues to be a top choice for surfers around the globe. Whether you’re in need of a high-performance wetsuit, stylish surfwear, or top-notch accessories, O’Neill has you covered.

So, next time you hit the waves, make sure to check out O’Neill’s collection of surf gear and experience the quality and innovation that this iconic brand has to offer.

Remember, surf with style, surf with O’Neill!

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