Where Did the Quicksilver Brand Come From?

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Are you a surfer who loves the Quicksilver brand? Or perhaps you just love fashion and want to learn more about this surfing-inspired brand?

In this blog post, our team at Surf Brands™ will dive deep into the history of Quicksilver, its roots, and what makes it such an iconic brand today.

The History of Quicksilver [2023]

Quicksilver was founded in 1969 by two surfing enthusiasts Alan Green and John Law. Originally, the company was just a small shop located in Australia that sold surfboards and wetsuits. However, Green and Law soon saw an opportunity to create a new type of surfwear, one that would better suit the needs of surfers.

At first, there was some hesitation because the surfing community at that time had not embraced modernity into their clothing. However, the pair eventually managed to create boardshorts that were both stylish and comfortable, perfectly tailored to surfers’ needs.

Since then, Quicksilver has only expanded, becoming a global brand that stands as a symbol of the surfing lifestyle.

New Arrivals: Quicksilver's Latest Collection

Quicksilver is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the game, creating season after season of the most stylish and practical surf fashion in the game.

The latest collection, which you can find on their website, consists of boardshorts, rashguards, wetsuits, and surf-inspired accessories, all perfect for enhancing your surfing experience. Featured colors for this collection include neon greens, ocean blues and sunset-inspired oranges.

Additionally, Quicksilver collaborates with various surfers, artists, and musicians to bring a unique flair to their collection. Be sure to have a look and find the perfect item for your next beach day!

The Quicksilver Brand: A Symbol of Surf Culture

At Surf Brands™ we believe that Quicksilver is much more than a clothing brand; it is a lifestyle that many surfers around the world share. The brand's ethos promotes adventure and a deep respect for the ocean and Mother Earth.

One unique aspect of Quicksilver is its commitment to sustainability. The company has made an effort to use recycled materials where possible and has even created a line of eco-friendly wetsuits. In 2012, Quicksilver also launched its own program, named "Repreve", which helps reduce plastic waste.

What Nationaility is Quicksilver Brand?

Quicksilver is an Australian brand, founded in Torquay, Australia, in 1969.

What is the Meaning of the Brand Quicksilver?

The name "Quicksilver" comes from the chemical element mercury (Hg) that is also known as "quicksilver" due to its intense metallic color. The founders chose this name to create a brand that is as dynamic as its namesake element and to represent the brand's adventurous lifestyle.

What Happened to Quicksilver Brand?

In recent years, Quicksilver's financial situation has not been ideal. In 2015, the company filed for bankruptcy due to high debt and declining sales. After emerging from bankruptcy, the brand was acquired by a private equity firm. Despite this setback, Quicksilver continues to be a beloved brand in the surfing community and is still producing quality clothing and accessories for surfers worldwide.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Quicksilver was one of the first surfwear brands to mix practicality and style.
  • The brand is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials to create their products.
  • Quicksilver collaborates with surfers, musicians and artists to bring their fans new collections inspired by surf culture.
  • As of 2021, Quicksilver has 563k followers on Instagram.
  • The Quicksilver logo features a wave with a mountain (representing the Australian coastline and Mount Buller) in the background.


Q: Is Quicksilver only for surfers?

A: Not necessarily! While Quicksilver originated as a brand for surfers, its clothing and accessories are perfect for those who are looking for practical, yet stylish outdoor clothing.

Q: What is Quicksilver's most popular product?

A: Quicksilver is most known for its boardshorts, specifically their Diamond Dobby technology boardshorts for men. For women, their Highline collection features boardshorts for women of all shapes and sizes.

Q: What is Quicksilver's sustainability strategy?

A: Quicksilver has a commitment to sustainability. The brand has established a line of eco-friendly wetsuits and uses recycled polyester and organic cotton to make the majority of its products.

Q: What makes Quicksilver stand out among its competition?

A: One of Quicksilver's strongest selling points is its collaboration with celebrities from different industries, and its emphasis on innovation, practicality and style.

Our Recommendation

At Surf Brands™, we highly recommend Quicksilver for all outdoor enthusiasts who value both style and practicality. From their trendy clothes to their eco-friendly initiatives, there is no doubt that Quicksilver is an innovative and iconic brand that will continue to be in the hearts of surfers and outdoor lovers for years to come.


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